Battle Grounds: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers



The Mis-Education of the Well-Meaning Liberal

The Mis-Education of the Well-Meaning Liberal: April 8 & 9, 7pm from SuperShort Films By Angela Brown on Vimeo.


Photo by Angela Brown

Which side are you on?

photo credit: Angela Monique Photography

In light (or in darkness) of the increasing media coverage of violence against POC and black people, Black Lives Matter protesters, Muslim people from all over the world, Syrian refugees, and all global refugees (here and far), the innocent people and children caught in explosion, and a generation of youth growing up in this fragmented and violent world – I share with you my super short film, Shot and Killed.

Happy Thanksgiving?

Which side are you on?

Shot and Killed from SuperShort Films By Angela Brown on Vimeo.